Are you undertaking a large project which requires digging up an area of concrete? Perhaps you’d like to have a swimming pool installed in your back garden, or on a commercial plot. Whatever the case, you’ll need some professional assistance with it. Certainly, you can hire a jackhammer and a skip to dispose of your waste, but are you entirely certain of what lies beneath? Unless you’ve got x-ray vision, you might need to hire someone with the technology to see through walls!  

What is GPR? 

First of all, how can people see through walls? Apparently, it’s not just Superman who has that ability! With the help of GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar), professionals are able to determine what lies underneath. The radio waves use pulses to accurately image what lies beneath. The reading that they get will determine what materials are underneath, whether metal, plastic, and so on.  

gpr service

When you hire a professional concrete scanning company, they will use this technology. This will enable you to accurately determine what is underneath the concrete that you are looking to break up and remove. This is the best course of action to take. If you skip this and go right ahead and try digging a space up without prior knowledge of what’s underneath, you’re only asking for trouble. It can be incredibly dangerous, and often, people end up causing irreparable damage to utilities which invariably end up costing them much more in damages. A simple investment in Australian locating services can overcome this issue with ease.  

Provide your contractors with the information they need  

They great thing about a concrete scanning company, is the fact that they can offer you accurate information in real-time. So, whilst they’re discovering what’s underneath, you can update all of the relevant parties who should be in the know. Following that, a concrete scanning specialist will provide you with a detailed report of absolutely everything you need to know. This is particularly useful, because you can pass the report on to the contractors and excavators, so that they can proceed with the project with confidence, knowing that they can’t cause any damage provided that they follow the instructions.  

Accuracy is paramount  

The fact that GPR can offer accurate readings on buried utilities is not to be snuffed at. Having a rough estimate is simply no good, as that’s when mistakes are made. An estimate will only ever result in one of your contractors drilling through a water pipe or cutting an electrical cable, causing all sorts of problems. Instead, by using GPR technology, you can provide only the most accurate readings so as to ensure that no problems occur, whatsoever. You know it makes sense!