Plant trailers are typically used for transporting heavy machinery. As such, it is important that you invest in durable loading ramps that can handle the weight of the goods and enable you to load them onto the plant trailer with ease, whilst ensuring the safety of both you, and the equipment. But what is the best material? Could you get away with fashioning a wooden ramp to load used vehicles for scrap onto a flatbed? Probably not! You’re more than likely going to need something a little less likely to snap under the pressure. This is why we would highly recommend using aluminium as your first choice. Of course, steel manufacturers would argue the contrary, however, we can only speak from personal preference and experience.

1 – Aluminium is incredibly durable 

Certainly, you could argue that steel is more durable. However, aluminium’s resistance to corrosion makes it the safest choice in an industrial setting. This is because they will maintain their durability for longer. Naturally, as steel begins to corrode over time, its durability is going to suffer for it. So, do the right thing an invest in aluminium, Australian custom-made loading ramps for the best results.

2 – Go green

Almost everything that is made from aluminium in today’s market, is made from recycled aluminium. So, if you’re to reduce your carbon footprint, then aluminium is the best option for you. You will get all of the durability and functionality, whilst contributing towards a recyclable market. Once the ramp approaches the end of its life, you can simply have it recycled into something else.

3 – They’re safer

Aluminium ramps are significantly less likely to spark when rubbed against. This makes them significantly safer for to use in an industrial setting where one spark could potentially cause catastrophic damage by starting an industrial fire. As such, aluminium ramps are by far, the safest material to use for loading ramps.

4 – They look cleaner

Aluminium is a much cleaner looking material. Sure, having a “good looking” trailer & ramps is likely at the bottom of your priority list, but you can deny the fact that it’s a bonus. In addition to being able to cover aluminium will a variety of protective layers, the anti-corrosive nature of the material keeps it looking cleaner for longer!

5 – Aluminium is lightweight

There’s nothing worse than having a ridiculously heavy loading ramp than requires several people to move. The benefits of using aluminium is that you can attach the ramp yourself without having to break your back. But of course, not only are they lightweight, but incredibly strong and durable as well, making them the perfect choice for loading and unloading heavy equipment.

Want more information? Get in touch with a reputable company like SureWeld and you can speak to the manufacturer directly. That way, you can have any questions that you might have, answered directly from the source!