OK, so you’ll invariably have to do a bit of cleaning. It’s not as though you’ll be able to consciously tear through your house without instinctively cleaning up after yourself, however there are ways that you can significantly cut down the workload, without having to compromise on having a tidy house.

Nobody wants to live in a messy pit, which is why cleaning is so important, though naturally, it’s our least favourite thing to do. Well, unless you’re my OCD father who absolutely loves hoovering the house every day. Perhaps that’s a little too much, but it all depends on how clean you like to live. So, how can you go about reducing your workload?


Delegate Some Chores to Your Children

Start ‘em young! You might be surprised to learn this, but 76% of children between the ages of 6 and 17 do not have any cleaning responsibilities at home. NONE! That is a staggering statistic. It’s hardly slave labour to teach a child about responsibility by having them wash and put away the dishes after you’ve been working hard making them dinner after a long day at work.girl make cleaning

So, start to delegate jobs to your children. They don’t have to be huge tasks, it all depends on what age your children are. They’re not going to enjoy it, but who does? Instead, you can use you these chores as a means of negotiating with them. Reward them with extra time on their ipads or computers – the perfect way to teach your children about responsibility, whilst also freeing up more of your own time.

Hire a Domestic Cleaner to Help with the Big Cleans

Professional cleaner

So, now that you’ve got some of the little cleaning chores out of the way, how else can you cut down on your own workload? Have you ever considered hiring a cleaner to come in once a week to do a major clean throughout the house? They can go through every nook and cranny and keep your place looking absolutely spick and span.

Some people argue that hiring a cleaner to help with your chores is lazy, when in actuality; it’s a smart thing to do. If you’re a working parent, then you’ve already got a crazy amount of work to do! Between your job, feeding and clothing your children, making sure they stay alive and trying to have some small measure of a social life (if at all) – You’re left with very little time for you. By hiring a cleaner you can save yourself an awful lot of time and if your children moan: “How come we have to tidy and you don’t”, well, I’m sure you’ll think of an appropriate response!


If you’re interested in exploring the idea further, get in touch with a reputable company such as Calibre Cleaning for more information. It doesn’t even have to be a weekly thing, you could hire a cleaner fortnightly or once a month. They can do as little or as much as you’d like!

First things first, create a chore chart and delegate the lesser jobs to your little minions. Then hire a professional to do the rest! That way, you might actually be able to find a bit of quality time for you. Sorted.