Fundraisers are strange events.  Everyone knows they are there because they are expected to give money to the cause that is throwing it, and yet rather than simply donate, expensive parties are normally organised to coax money from patrons who already have a vested interest in the cause.  Regardless of the logic, or lack thereof, behind the notion, fundraisers are an important part of many social enterprises.  There are many non-profit organisations out there that rely on a mixture of public money and donations such as clubs, youth groups, schools and charities.  For the people running them, fundraisers are absolutely essential, but it gets increasingly difficult to encourage people to attend the same basic event time and time again.  So next time, mix things up and organise Casino Fun Nights for your fundraisers!

You know it makes sense


Given the idea of a fundraiser is to get people to part with their money, a casino is simply a natural fit.  However, these aren’t normal casinos, these casinos come to your venue and set up their full sized gaming equipment ready for your patrons.  Hiring a fun casino can significantly improve your non-profit organisations public image by displaying a clear element of fun and wanting to provide a engaging experience.  The service provided by reputable fun casino companies is first class, they provide their own, highly trained staff who have an in depth knowledge of the games they are running and who are also approachable and friendly enough to encourage unsure players to join in and learn the game.

Follow the money


One of the biggest sticking points about organising a fundraiser is that you need to find a way to subtly ask people for money, such as an auction, or you actually have to ask for donations out right.  A fun casino removes the need for these awkward ideas by providing a natural and organic event that patrons will want to pay into.  Fun casinos work by selling fun money to customers upon arrival.  This could be a set amount for an entry ticket or it could be an exchange, that decision is between you and the fun casino company.  From here the patrons will be able to freely play the casino games with the fun money and then at the end their winnings will be redeemable for prizes, raffle tickets or anything you wish.  Having a path to a raffle is a lot more satisfying than simply buying a raffle ticket, as depending on how well you do in the casino games, you may well get more chances in the raffle.

Overall, a fun casino is a brilliant method of fundraising for your non-profit organisation as it provides a fun and memorable experience for your patrons whilst giving you an easily prepared evening.  Couple this with the benefits of a more natural method of receiving money from people, the only problem you’ll have is everyone asking when the next one is going to be!