Organizing your child’s birthday may be hard but knowing what to type of food to cater, what kinds of snacks to provide and what things to prepare can be even harder than organizing the birthday party. You will soon find that the initial planning will be so much easier than the actual setting up of the birthday party.

Here is a list of things you will need to remember to get for your child’s birthday party.


birthday cakeDon’t forget about the birthday cake if it’s a birthday party! I’ve been to some birthday party for a friend of my son and it was perfectly decorated, the food was awesome but they forgot about the cake! The smile on that birthday boy soon became a sad, crying birthday boy. Don’t forget the most important part, the cake! You may be too occupied with other stuff that you forgot about the most important part of the party.

Food That Kids Love

sweetsDon’t go ordering a buffet dinner with boring vegetables. Order food that contains lots of sugar and cookies! Probably throw in some fried dishes too. Know what kids love to eat, and you’ll be fine. If you don’t just ask your child what he or she likes to eat and want to eat. You can even order McDonald’s for all the kids and cater the food only for the parents.

Also, don’t forget the desserts. Kids love desserts. Provide some jellies, ice cream or even hire a popcorn or cotton candy booth.

Invite Performing Artistes

Know that friend who is a magician? Or know a place that supplies party clowns? Invite them! Don’t go inviting a band over as it will only keep the adults entertained. Invite a magician or some party clowns to keep your child’s guests entertained. Kids always need to be entertained if not they will be bored easily. You don’t want that party you planned for several months to go dry within 2 hours, right?

Unlimited Supply of Candy!

candyWhat kids love the most? Probably candy. Supplying them with an unlimited supply of candy will probably make them feel heavenly. You can easily order candy from an online candy store if you’re too busy with other things. You can even order custom candy from Candy Kitchen. Provide an unlimited amount of candy and let those children enjoy themselves!

Keep Alcoholic Drinks Out of Reach from Children

drinksYou’ll probably prepare some alcoholic drinks for the parents that come with their children to the party. Prepare some alcoholic drinks for them. Let them enjoy the day the same as their child. You can even sit down and have a chat with the parents of your child’s friends. Enjoy a short session of chitchatting while drinking some beer.

Now that I’ve listed the things to get for your child’s birthday party, I hope you don’t make the same mistake as others by forgetting the birthday cake! Now, go on, organize that kickass birthday party for your child.