Camping is one of the most incredible leisure activities that brings families and friends together, in the great outdoors, for a beautiful bonding experience. It allows you to shut off from the world, to unplug from the internet, and to actually get to know one another on a deeper level. Too many of us are wrapped up in our lives, that we invariably neglect the people closest to us. However, when out in the sticks, it gives you an amazing opportunity to really connect! And what better a way of doing that, than with these top activities to do whilst on a camping trip?

1 – Go to a camping ground with in-house activities

If you’ve got children with you, then it may be worth heading to a camping ground that already has plenty of camping activities there. For example, some might offer horse riding, kayaking, and other exciting activities. Look for places that offer activities that you can’t easily set up, such as ziplining, mini golf, and rock climbing.

2 – Go swimming

The best thing about camping is being able to have a refreshing swim in a natural body of water, like a river or a lake. This is the perfect and most revitalising way to unwind with your friends and family!

3 – Fishing

Fishing isn’t for everyone, but it can be quite a bit of fun with the right equipment, some good company and the perfect spot.

4 – Play sports

Be sure to bring along a football, a frisbee, and perhaps a badminton set. Whatever you can get your hands on, bag it and bring it. Playing sports as a family or with friends is so much fun, and you’ll be getting plenty of exercise as well!

5 – Go exploring!

There’s no use going camping only to sit by the fire all day and night! Get out and do some adventuring. A bit of hiking during the day is a great opportunity to see the sights, and to exhaust yourselves out. That way when it’s time to sit around the fire for some food and a few drinks, you’ll have all the more fun doing it!

6 – Stargazing

Of course, no camping trip is complete without a spot of stargazing. Naturally, if you’re going to be laid out on the ground at night then you’ll want to have some affordable camping matting. That way you won’t have to worry too much about the creepy crawlies or the dirt. In any case, laying there and taking in the immense display of the cosmos is a truly spectacular experience which gets better every single time!

7 – Feast!

Sit around a fire and cook some food with your favourite people. Enjoy these delicious family recipes and feast like Kings and Queens!

8 – Charades & card games

There’s house of fun to be had with playing games by the fire. Try things like charades where players have to get up and perform in front of everyone else. It’s a good way of building your confidence in one another, and to laugh until it’s time to go home!