The health and safety of our children in schools are absolutely paramount. There is no contest here and there is no room whatsoever for skimping or cutting back when it comes to ensuring that the highest level of care is delivered at all times.

Take great care pupils by maintaining your sports equipment thoroughly

squashOne of the most commonly overlooked areas of safety in schools is the regular maintenance and upkeep of the sports equipment; quite often various sporting equipment can become unsafe to use if it is not maintained correctly. By simply carrying out routine checks and maintaining all of your equipment you can easily avoid the endangerment of the children in your care and the nightmare that would follow should such an event occur.

While the number of children that attend a school can vary significantly, there is no doubt at all that all of the equipment and facilities will be used well and regularly. This, of course, can lead to wear and tear and damage to the equipment will inevitably put the users in unnecessary danger.

softball girlThe school authorities do not just have to worry about the health and safety of their pupils, but also the satisfaction of their insurers while adhering to legislation surrounding risk assessments and the advice of the Health and Safety Executive.

Naturally, school sport equipment suppliers will offer some form of warranty or guarantee on anything that you purchase and there are even those who offer an additional maintenance service. This is why it is incredibly important that you take your time when deciding on which company to go through when stocking up your school gym – or any other department for that matter. It is always worth putting in the extra time to research which companies can not only provide you with the highest calibre equipment with a quality guarantee, but also a regular and reliable service to maintain it.

Keeping children active and involved with sports is an essential part of their development and education as it teaches them to take care of their bodies and to be mindful of what they are putting in it. It would undoubtedly defeat the entire object of encouraging them to take care of themselves if they are using poorly maintained equipment that may lead to their injury. Do not allow your school to slip into a poorly maintained, contradictory condition.

basketball hoop

Furthermore, if you are providing the pupils with quality gear they will certainly be more inclined to take care of it. By maintaining your sports equipment thoroughly and keeping it to a high standard, your pupils will treat it with more respect. The problem with having old, damaged equipment is that pupils will definitely handle the equipment poorly and begin to develop bad habits which should be avoided at all costs.

There is a wealth of information out there that will detail the level of standards that you are required to meet in schools. If you think your sports equipment might not be up to par then it is important that you have a professional come and examine everything so as to ensure the continued safety of your pupils.