Are you tired of having to swat away flies while you’re sat at the table trying to eat your dinner? Or perhaps when you’re chilled out on the sofa watching a movie and all you can hear is the monotonous drone of a fly somewhere in the room. Such things can easily be avoided, if you were to use retractable fly screens.

Sure, that might seem like an awful lot of effort to go to, just to stop a few flies from coming into your house, but there’s so much more to it than that. In this post we’re going to take a look at the other benefits and applications for having such screens installed.

fly screen windowFirst of all, they’re not all that expensive, particularly when you consider how useful they are. It can get so hot in the home in Australia, and it can be terrible expensive having to run your air conditioning all of the time. A great alternative is having these screens installed and then opening your windows and doors. Sure, that’s not going to be quite as cold as air conditioning, but the breeze can certainly cool your home down.
The mesh from the fly screen is also very effective at reducing the impact of UV light coming through into your home which in turn, lowers the overall temperature of a room.

This is also great if you have young children and toddlers. Having the doors open, but the screens closed and locked will prevent them from running outside and onto the street when your back is turned for a moment. On a nice sunny day, it’s nice to have the breeze come through the house without having to worry about whether your toddler is gonna waddle off into the garden and fall into the swimming pool.

On top of that, the additional security benefits are certainly not to be snuffed at. A burglar is going to be significantly less likely to want to rob your house because not only do they have to contend with getting past your doors or windows, but the great big mesh metal things covering them!

Now, you might think: ‘great big mesh metal things’, that sounds like a real eye sore, – but you’d be wrong. They’re actually very discreet and can be fitted to match your homes windows and doors. They’re not half as bulky or ugly as you might imagine and considering how many great benefits they come with, it’s certainly worth it.

Down Under security screen doors are perfect for anyone who is looking to keep those pesky pests out of the house. And that is referring to insects and unwanted visitors such as burglars alike! Up the security of your home and keep your living areas free of pests and insects. You’ll feel all the better for it and you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that your family is safer.