The world of tree lopping is incredibly dangerous, and most people don’t quite realise. Many people assume that tree surgeons or arborists, have the most fun job in the world as they get to spend the day climbing and cutting down trees.

Of course, they’re not wrong, as climbing and cutting down trees is a big part of what a tree lopper does, and it is an awful lot of fun (especially if you’re an outdoors person). However, that’s not to say that it can’t be difficult at times, and that it isn’t dangerous.    

In this article we’re going to show a little love and appreciate for our tree loppers, by way of saying thank you for keeping our homes and local environment beautiful and safe.

1 – Tree loppers put themselves at risk every day

Why do you call out a tree lopper to your property? Perhaps the branches of a tree are encroaching dangerously close to the power lines, or there are dead and/or dying branches that are posing a health hazard on your property (if either of these are the case for you right now, then you need a tree lopper). Rather than risk it ourselves, instead we call the professionals to handle it on our behalf. Of course, tree loppers are highly trained, but that doesn’t negate the fact that they do indeed, put themselves at risk daily, for us.

2 – They keep our streets and surrounding environment clean and safe

If you live in an especially green area, with lots of trees, then you should be grateful for the work that tree loppers do. They trim the trees back so that they don’t learn over into our roads and clear away the dead branches that would otherwise be risk of falling on us when we’re walking or driving around.

In addition to that, they keep our environment looking beautiful. If left to their own devices, trees grow unruly and wild. However, when kept in check by a professional tree lopper, trees can maintain their natural beauty without growing mangled and becoming a bit of an eyesore.

3 – They know how to care for our trees

Tree loppers are experts in their field and always offer us invaluable advice on how to properly care for and nurture the trees on our property. Without them, we wouldn’t know how to deal with a diseased tree besides gutting it and removing the tree altogether. Instead, tree loppers can often turn things around and restore a poorly tree back to full strength.

4 – Keeping us oxygenated

Tree loppers are caretakers of sorts. Many people look at them as destructive people who get off on cutting down trees. Whereas, the truth of the matter is that tree loppers have a passion for trees and love nurturing and caring for them. Naturally, cutting trees down is a part of the job. However, for the most part a tree lopper’s job is to nurture, preserve, and maintain. Thus, these tree-loving hippies are responsible for keeping our environment rich with oxygen by keeping our trees happy and healthy. Thanks guys!