There was a time when where you worked not only defined you, but was of little importance to those you worked for.  Imagine a post-industrial revolution Victorian London where huge droves of the population worked in the newly built industrialised areas of the city. Factories working all day and night to produce their goods with little to no regard for the health and safety of their workforce.  In those days you were a factory labourer, that was you position in life and it was a dangerous and unpleasant one, but those were the conditions that came with the job, and having a job was more important than worrying about niceties.partition room

Times have thankfully moved on from this bleak image and today an office can say an awful lot about the business it serves, the workforce that inhabit it and those who hold the purse strings.  Ensuring that you craft a pleasant and welcoming working environment is very important to the psychology of office management.  This is where companies like Alpha Ceilings and Partitions come in.

A blank canvas

In most situations offices are owned by a building manager or development company and leased to individual businesses that wish to work from them.  In these cases, which is the vast majority of offices that aren’t custom built, the developer deliberately leaves the office space practically blank so that the businesses that utilise it can arrange it as they see fit.  This blank canvas approach might be seen by some as an extra expense that they need to consider, and this can be a very real problem for small and startup businesses, however, it also provides a wonderful opportunity.  Having very little presetablished means that you can fitout your office however you wish, and make a wonderful space where your employees will be happy to clock in to every morning.

office partitionFitout for the future

An office fitout is the process of developing the interior of an office space to best suit the needs of the business and its employees.  A well designed office has been statistically proven to improve the productivity and emotional wellbeing of employees by providing them with feelings of motivation and job satisfaction.  It really is as much about the little things as the big things, having a quieter working environment or efficient refreshment facilities can make a big difference to the way people perceive their place of work.  It also give you a chance to express your company culture and ethos by providing a space that has been designed to send a specific message through the use of light, colour and good design philosophies.  All of these things can help establish your business as a forward thinking, welcoming and dynamic workplace that employees and clients alike will enjoy being in.  All of this positivity that can be generated from an office fitout should certainly warrant consideration if it is the budget for the upcoming year.