If you own a 4×4 then there’s a good chance that it’s one of your most treasured possessions. 4×4 vehicles are immensely fun to drive and their size makes getting around with plenty of people and gear easy! So, if you’re one for camping, surfing or anything else which is particularly outdoorsy, then you’re grateful for all of the boot space that you have as well. 4×4 vehicles are renowned for being so spacious, but there is such a thing as having too much space…or rather in this case, for things to become unorganised.

Allow us to elaborate: 4×4’s are perfect for camping because of the crazy amount of boot space that they have. You can pack so much gear, that it gets to the point where you find it difficult to locate where everything is. There’s just this big jumbled mess of bags and rackets and boxes and lord-knows-what else! OK, so perhaps ‘having too much space’ isn’t exactly a bad thing; but what if there was a way to better organise things?

Well, you can certainly tidy your boot with a 4×4 drawer system! That’s right, you can have a system installed in your boot which divides the spacious boot into compartments, making life an awful lot easier when it comes to packing!

4x4 car

Packing Made Easier

Such a system can actually make packing and unpacking all the more enjoyable because everything has a home. When you go away on those big camping trips, you can store your essentials in the drawer systems, and then stack all of the larger items on top for when its time to unload.

Ideal for Shopping


But, it’s not just about camping! These drawers are ideal for the weekly shop as well (particularly if you don’t have a boot-full of food). Sometimes when you go for a shop you only need a few bits, and there’s nothing worse than trying to drive through town when you can hear bottles and bits banging around in the back. No longer should you worry about anything spilling or smashing in your boot, because instead you can store items safely and securely in your 4×4 drawer system.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden


And there’s more! What about any expensive gear and equipment that you have in your car? We’re all too aware of how leaving items on display in your car is an invitation for thieves. Rather than leaving your 2k camera laying on the sea, why not store it away in your new, convenience 4×4 drawer system?

They’re affordable, effective and convenient, so what are you waiting for? You don’t lose space in your vehicle, you just create a more organised way of utilising that space. Keep all of your essentials tucked away, out of sight, though in an easily accessible location.