Anyone who has ever bought something of personal importance such as jewellery will be aware that finding the perfect item can be a near impossible task.  Those times when you are trying to buy anything expensive it will always seem as though the challenge and pressure are many times greater as a result.  Buying a new car means looking at so many that are slightly different, none will seem perfect.  The same is true of high end electrical goods; if you try and buy a laptop then you will find that they all feel very same and yet none of the options in front of you will have the perfect mix of specifications against cost.  Jewellery is exactly the same if not more stressful as it is something that should be wholly personal; it is worn to decorate yourself or someone you love so average, generic or just ok will do.  This is where commissioning custom jewellery can make all the difference because you can have the item you want with all of the tweaks and modifications that would make it absolutely perfect.


Making the right choice


Entrusting someone to make your perfect item of jewellery is a difficult thing to do, especially when it comes down to the crunch of collection and payment.  So how do you set about choosing the best craftsperson for you project?  There are a few factors that you should weigh up when making your decision, but the first thing to do is see what establishments are in your area.  Once you have found a custom hand-made jewellery shop, and a brief visit to the store gives you a decent impression, it is time to start digging a bit deeper.  First and foremost you should check into the shops reputation by reading online reviews and checking for complaints against them to ensure they are a reputable establishment and if you are happy with what you find, the next step is to pay them a proper visit and ask a few questions.

Face to Face

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Having done your preliminary checks, you should arrange a meeting with the store (some may be happy for you to just walk in, but check first).  When you meet with the jeweller, you should be sure to explain what you are hoping to have produced and then ask them about their history.  See how long they have been trading for and how much experience their craftspeople have making custom jewellery.  As a general guideline, the longer a jeweller has been in the trade, the more experience they should have and consequently the better and more refined their work should be.  The same is true of their business, if the shop has only been open for a short time, or has changed hands recently, then you need to ask yourself why this is.  You should also ask to see some of their previous work as they should have a catalogue of previous bespoke items they have made to show perspective clients.  One final thing to check is if they make their jewellery on sight or not, this can make a difference in production methods and if they actually make it themselves or have it produced by a third party.

Make sure you check thoroughly before committing to a jeweller, and ensure you get the perfect item you desire.