Kids Read and Ride

Kids Learn and Exercise At The Same Time

The two most important principles for developing children are enhancing them both physically and mentally. Now as a parent you might be asking yourself “how can I do both when it is hard enough trying to get them invested in one?” Well we have the answer, KR&R is an initiative set up to do both

by mixing a physical activity such as cycling with reading either text books or general books. This effectively allows kids to both learn and exercise at the same time.girloncomputer

We know having the correct childhood professionals in place is vital to enhancing your child’s skills, so we only hire the finest child care professionals who have attained their skills for the best child care training courses in the country. Knowing this you can have full confidence in our training schemes.

The importance of physical activity and exercise for children

It has been proven time and time again that children benefit greatly from being active and getting exercise on a regular basis. Physical activity doesn’t just lower childhood obesity rates but it also helps develop strong muscles and bones as well as the strengthening vital organs such as the heart and lungs whilst increasing blood circulation around the body.

It is recommended that kids get a full 60 minutes of strenuous exercise a day to fully see the benefits and with our program that’s exactly what they get, by coming to our sessions we will get them working their bodies at a level they are comfortable with because we know not every child has the same physical capacity and we tailor this to every child.

You can help by trying to influence your kids to partake in sports, martial arts like karate or judo (also encourages discipline) or go on bike rides. There are many affordable bikes available nowadays which you can find in many quality bike stores. With us physical activity isn’t just limited to the bikes but every once in a while we feel it’s important to bring in a different form of exercise and jumping castle hire is the perfect way to do that, combining fun with physical activity.

The importance of reading from a young age

Reading is a fundamental skill that is needed in everyday life as you get older, it not only helps with day to day functioning but it can also expand the mind, enhance learning and aid communication skills. Reading promotes higher levels of concentration and memory retention which is a necessity as they go through school life, taking on more topics and having more subject matter to absorb.

By successfully combining both these essential traits we have come up with a service unlike any other on the market, so whether you are a school, sports club or recreational centre get in contact with our head office and we will put you in contact with a rep in your local area to see how you can start up one of our projects.